You can find work through generic and niche job sites or you can get in contact with various recruitment agencies. It’s best if you make as many direct applications as you can before contacting job agencies as this maximises the interviews you get from direct employers. Also bear in mind employers prefer to hire someone through a direct application as opposed to a recruitment consultant (recruitment agencies charge employers 15-20% of your first year salary when you get hired and pass your 3-month probationary period). You can figure out which job ads are posted by recruitment agencies when the job ad starts with: “My client is a company specialising in … and they’re looking to hire a … with the below duties and responsibilities …”. There are two different types of job sites, the generic ones which include different industries and the niche ones which specialise in a specific industry. The steps you need to make if you want to work as an artist in London are slightly different. Have a look below to find out more.
The list below includes the most popular job sites for each category. Choose a sector and start searching through thousands of jobs.



Agriculture / Fishing / Forestry

Banking / Insurance / Finance

Catering & Hospitality


Customer services / Call Centres



Engineering / Manufacturing / Utilities


Health / Nursing

Human Resources

IT & Internet


Management Consultancy

Marketing / Advertising / PR

Media / New Media / Creative

Not For Profit / Charities

Oil / Gas / Alternative Energy


Public Sector Services

Recruitment Sales

Retail / Wholesale



Secretarial / PAs / Administration

Senior Appointments

Social Services


Transport / Logistics

Travel / Leisure / Tourism


If you want to work as an actor in London or anywhere in the UK you need to get an agency interested enough in you to represent you. The agency will act as the mediator between you and the casting directors, so you will need to send your CV, cover letter and show reel, if required. This list includes all the London agencies. Be advised that many agencies don’t have a website or contact details online because they don’t want to be contacted. They prefer to contact their members through their latest film, theatre bar theatre work etc. Bear in mind that they receive lots of applications every day, however this won’t prevent them from spotting top talent. Tip Νo1. – Make sure you register on IMDB so you are up to date with all the forthcoming film productions. Tip Νo2. – Don’t forget to create a profile on Spotlight and include it in your CV.

Tips for CVs

Tips for Cover Letters

Useful Links

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