Living Costs

Ok, rent is a major expense in London. But, what other costs are there which you need to be aware of? Transport and groceries are also high up on the list so this section will prepare you on how much you can expect to spend on those.

Public transport

Transport for London is the website everyone uses to get around in London. It’s been recently re-launched to make it more functional and user-friendly. Make sure you have a valid ticket for your travel as you won’t be able to get through the barriers on the tube/train station or board any buses and you will be asked to pay a penalty fare. You need to get an Oyster card as it makes it easier and more cost-effective to travel around London: Here are the transport fares for adults as of January 2016: Find out below about other types of fares and eligibility (student, 16 year olds, children etc.)

Taxis in London

Calculate taxi fares:


Cycling is a popular mode of transport and a great way to explore the city, cut transport costs and get some exercise at the same time. Here you can find all the information about hiring a “Boris Bike” (named after Boris Johnson, Mayor of London) and the costs, simply check the links on your right: Here’s a great guide on routes and maps recommended by experienced cyclists:


You can have a look below if you are looking to buy a car in London: What to look out for when you buy a used car: Buying a new car: Buying car insurance:


If you are looking to buy a bike or bike accessories, Time Out offers a good list of the best bike shops in the capital: If you want to get a used bike, have a look on thousands of bike ads on Gumtree: You can get more information on second hand bikes here: This is a great place offering advice for cyclists:
A monthly shop can cost you up to £100-£150 per person depending on the super-market you choose. Some super-markets are known for their quality while some others offer lots of deals if you’re on a tight budget. We have prioritised them based on quality (high to low) and price (low to high).

Quality (high to low)

Price (low to high)