Here we have gathered all the information you need to get familiar with the UK healthcare system so you can make the best choices.

National Insurance Number

One of the first things you need to do when you move to London is get a national insurance number. You will not be able to get medical treatment without it so make sure you get one quickly. After you get it you will need to find the closest GP Surgery to your home and get registered. Your nearest GP surgery will be the first point of contact for any health issues and your GP (General Practitioner) will refer you to a specialised doctor once they have examined you and think it’s necessary. You can apply for a National Insurance Number here: Then you need to find a GP surgery near your home: A few things you need to know about the NHS public health system in the UK:
Private health insurance companies: This is a good website to find out more about private medical insurance: Here you can choose the right cover for you: Here you can compare different prices and packages:
There are lots of independent pharmacies around London with the most popular and widely available pharmacy chains being Boots and Superdrug: Find a pharmacy near your postcode:
Here’s a list of all the veterinary surgeries in London: