The vast majority of people who live in London share a flat or a house, which means you have your own bedroom but share the facilities (bathroom, living-room, kitchen) with other people who live in the same property as you. You can rent a flat/house through an estate agent or if you want a more cost-effective option (estate agents charge £100-£200 administration fee) you can contact landlords directly. Be careful as some ads on are fraudulent; these are ones showing properties in expensive areas but offering a very low rent. The advertiser usually wants to be contacted by e-mail only instead of telephone and then asks for a money transfer or bank details to secure the flat for you. You should never give any money or bank details to anyone you contact unless you’ve seen the property and met the landlord first. Sharing a room will cost an average of £700 per month and some rents include the bills which is very convenient if you are new in London. The bills are usually water, gas, electricity, internet and council tax and they come to an extra £100-£200 per month depending on the borough you live in (Wandsworth has the lowest council tax in London). The rent is payable every month though some ads are showing the weekly rent of the property. Here’s how you can calculate your monthly rent: You multiply the weekly rent by 52 (weeks per year) and divide by 12 (months per year). Example: 160 x 52 = 8320 / 12 = 693 (monthly rent) Similarly you can calculate your weekly rent: 700 x 12 = 8400 / 52 = 161.50 (weekly rent)

Ads from private landlords and some estate agencies

The most popular and trustworthy site to help you find a flat/house to share:

Gumtree is the first ever site built to help people find a home in the UK. Here you can find a flat/house to rent as a whole or share and ads are posted by both private landlords and estate agencies. There is a little section about properties to buy as well:

Ads from estate agencies only

If you are looking for a place to rent/buy through an estate agent you can have a look on the below sites: This is a list of the most popular estate agencies in London:
Here you can find short-term accommodation if you plan to stay in London for less than 3 months: